Just like our own happiness, a dog’s happiness lies in very simple things.

Whether you have a dog in a country house with a large garden or in a city apartment, there is always a way to make him happy. Of course you should choose a breed that suits your lifestyle, but a city dog is not necessarily more unhappy than a dog that lives in the country. Adopt good habits with your dog now to give him good times!

1 – Keep him occupied

A dog alone in an apartment can do a lot of damage if it is not used to solitude. And it’s quite normal, the dog is an extremely social animal that is not made to stay alone for too long.
But not all of us are lucky enough to be able to work at home, or to be able to take our dog to work. If you have a classic 8-5 rhythm, then your dog will have to get used to spending most of the day alone. So here are a few tips!

Start by defining the area your dog has access to when you are away. This area should be smaller than when you are in the apartment so that your dog doesn’t feel confused by so much space. For example, you can close off the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom to give him access to the entrance and living room instead.
Your dog is not stupid. If he sees you grabbing your coat, your bag, and your keys he understands very well that you are about to leave. To avoid him being too tense, try to vary your morning rituals. This way, he will take longer to realize that you are leaving and the surprise effect will reduce the feeling of loneliness.

So that the moment of your departure is not a tear, try not to cuddle your dog too much before closing the door. And make your departure a celebration by offering him a treat, his daily food ration, or a toy he enjoys.

2 – The health of the dog in an apartment

A dog does not live its life the same way in the country as in the city. To avoid minor health inconveniences, here are a few important points to check.
A dog’s claws naturally wear out when rubbing on the ground. However, if your dog spends a lot of time indoors, he may not walk on surfaces that will wear out his claws and therefore they will quickly become too long. If your dog’s claws click on the floor when he walks, it’s time to take out the claw clippers.

Apartment dogs often tend to do less sport because they don’t have access to a garden. To avoid overweight problems, adapt your dog’s diet to his level of exercise. An adult dog ideally needs one or two meals a day. The dose is the same, but it is spread over two meals so as not to weigh down the dog’s stomach.

3 – Spending time with your dog

It may sound silly, but spending time with your dog is the best way to make him happy. If you’re not available during the day, plan to spend time with him in the morning, in the evening, and of course on weekends.
Walks are a special time that you share with your dog. You should plan at least two 20-minute walks a day, but the more numerous and longer they are, the happier your dog will be.

Walking your dog in the city can be a bit difficult because there are few parks, the streets are not very suitable for dogs and it is rare to find a place where you can let your dog run freely. If you search on the internet you will surely find a list of dog-friendly parks in your city. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from the dog owners around you.

Moreover, if your dog likes company, sign up on a site that offers walks with other owners. It’s good for your dog’s socialization, but also for yours!
When the weekend approaches, plan day trips with your doggie. Most dogs can walk for hours and this will keep them healthy.

4 – Play with him

To make your dog happy, it is important to play with him. Ball, stick, rope: he only needs a few accessories to have fun.

Not only does play allow him to let off steam, but it also reinforces the complicity between master and dog.

Don’t hesitate to share some of your hobbies with your pet. Hiking, running, or Nordic walking are all good ways to do this.
If your dog needs to let off steam, you can also join an agility club for him to practice sports activities.

Note: on the other hand, you must also know how to respect his moments of rest, calm and solitude; a dog who needs company or activity knows how to come to you.

5 – Don’t treat him like a person

To make your dog happy, there is no need to cover him with clothes, sophisticated toys and other jewelry that you can now find in specialty stores.

Veterinarians are adamant: these accessories that “humanize” our dogs do not correspond to their needs and can even create discomfort that disturbs them.

Here, with all these tips your dog’s life in an apartment should be softer. And we can guarantee that the happier he is, the happier you will be too!

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