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Recipe for dogs: Cake Icing

Icing, also called topping, is a decorative and edible element that can be put on cakes and cookies. It cheers up and can bring an interesting taste to the delicacy.

Making your own icing as part of the canine treats is important because it allows you to choose your ingredients all the way through.

It is sometimes difficult to find a suitable icing, commercially available icing often contains sugar or chocolate (absolutely to be avoided for doggies). Carob or yogurt melting chips may also contain hydrogenated saturated fats, which should be limited.

So we looked for ways to create effective icing recipes for decorating our homemade treats. We classified them into two categories, fresh, creamy icing for cakes and firmer, more solid icing for cookies.


Basic rules :

1- Always wait until the pastry is cold and “dry” (a few hours) before decorating,
2- In addition to the basics suggested below, use for example ingredients from our candy list.
3- To play with the color of the frosting, you can use coloring foods or natural dyes.
4- And of course, you can add sprinkles and extra little decorative elements to the icing that are just right for your doggie!
5- Once applied, store the softness in the fridge so that the icing will harden.


Icings for Cake :

Cake icing should be smooth but hold in place. It is a good idea to mix different foods for topping and add ingredients for their natural taste.

Philadelphia or mashed potato is a good base to which other ingredients such as fruit puree, peanut butter, coconut milk or carob powder can be added.
Gelatine, agar-agar or milk powder can be used to harden a less consistent topping, for example made from egg or fruit puree.

Some examples of creamy glazes :

  • Creamy fruit icing: plain philadelphia, fruit puree (red, banana or apple)
  • Fruit jelly icing: fruit puree, gelatine or Agar-Agar
  • Mashed potato glaze: mashed potatoes, mashed coloring vegetables
  • Gourmet icing: philadelphia nature, liver parfait, 1cs carob powder
  • Aerial icing: 2 beaten egg whites, 2cs powdered milk, 1cc lemon juice, glaze and put in the oven.
  • Icing of the islands: philadelphia and coconut milk (let it rest before, throw away the water and beat the fat deposited)
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