5 Tips To Avoid Behavioural Problems With Your Dog

The companionship and love that a pet gives us is without a doubt a very rewarding thing. But sometimes behavioural problems do occur. Find out in this article how to avoid them.

Problems with your dog’s behaviour can result from a one-time event that is particularly stressful, such as a move or the death of a family member. In these cases, the situation normally resolves itself as time goes by.

There may also be deeper reasons, stemming from traumas or fears developed during extreme situations experienced by the animal (abuse, abandonment, confinement, etc.) that require time, patience and the intervention of an animal control specialist to be resolved.

But many of your dog’s behaviour problems can also develop from mistakes you make in training or in handling him on a daily basis. To avoid them, pay attention to these tips.

Behaviour problems in dogs can be caused by many things. The important thing is to try to understand them and remedy them quickly, for the good of the animal and the whole family. Here are a few tips :

1 – Setting clear rules

In all families, for things to work just about right, clear rules must be set for all members, human and animal alike. Above all, contradictions between different members of the group must be avoided. If the idea is that the dog doesn’t get on the bed, everyone must constantly repeat this to him or her. If you tell the dog that today it is not possible but that tomorrow it will be, or if your son is firm in his decision that the dog will not get on the bed but your daughter will let him, the animal will be disturbed and will not know how to behave properly.

2 – Do not humanize it

You must not forget that you are facing a dog. You should not attribute human behaviour to it, nor should you expect it to act or reason like a human person. You should not dress it “fashionable”, cover it with accessories or use perfumes and cosmetics that go beyond simple hygiene products. The animal does not give importance to these issues and this will only annoy him and create behavioral problems by making him live situations in opposition to his nature.

3 – Letting him be a dog

The best thing you can do to prevent a dog from stressing or traumatizing itself and to prevent it from starting to develop certain negative points of conduct is to let it be a dog. Let it be :

  • Socialize with other dogs and make him happy
  • Explore through his sense of smell the wonderful world that presents itself to him during walks, even if he sniffs garbage cans or excrement.
  • Exercise sufficiently: a dog that doesn’t spend its energy is bored and can become destructive or even aggressive at times.

4 – Using positive reinforcement

Be patient and constant in educating your dog. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the results you hoped for in the early stages. Always use positive reinforcement to reward good behaviour and simply ignore bad behaviour instead of punishing your pet. If you fall into punishment, you will only get a shy dog that will likely develop behavioural problems.

5 – Always treat it right

Good treatment, affection and respect generally work wonders between humans and animals. That’s why to avoid your dog having behavior problems, you should follow these tips:

  • Try not to leave him alone in the house for too long.
  • Do not leave it locked in small rooms, even if it is a balcony.
  • Do not attach it to its niche on a deck or patio.
  • Above all, never hit him, there is no reason to resort to violence.

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