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5 Dog Sports That Encourage Dog-Handler Complicity

Practicing a canine sport is an opportunity to maintain your health as well as that of your dog. Practicing a common activity or sport, whether it is a simple leisure activity or a competition, will allow you to reinforce your complicity and satisfy your dog's natural needs.

Here are 5 canine sports available to all and for all dogs:


Agility is a canine sport available to all dogs as long as they have the minimum education basis. This discipline consists for the dog, to overcome various obstacles, from jumping to slalom, through the exercise of the swing.

It is a canine sport based on the complicity master/dog in the prolongation of the education by positive methods, combining flexibility and intelligence.

Many competitions are organized throughout the world but it will take a good amount of training before winning a medal. Indeed, overcoming certain obstacles requires several months of learning. Ask for information from dog training clubs that practice agility.

Rhythmical Obedience

Invented at the same time in the United States and in England, rhythmic obedience or rhymed obedience is a dog sport combining creativity, complicity and obedience. With a musical background, the master and his dog present a choreography in which the dog is in the spotlight. This canine sport mixes slaloms between the master's legs, walking, half turns etc… This activity is the continuity of obedience with music.

Canine Frisbee

Canine Frisbee or "dog frisbee" is a very popular discipline in the United States. It is a dog sport that requires very few resources apart from the purchase of a frisbee adapted to the size of your dog. Be careful not to practice Frisbee with a young dog (under 18 months) and do not exhaust your dog. Canine Frisbee is practiced around 4 disciplines: "Freestyle", "one way", "circle" and "long distance". This canine sport allows you to educate your dog while having fun and happiness at the same time.


Canicross is a fashionable dog sport that allows you to practice running with your dog. The master has a padded belt that is connected to the dog's harness by a semi-extensible lanyard to absorb shocks. This sport is suitable for all healthy people and all dogs over one year of age. This canine sport allows to reinforce control, obedience of the dog and master/dog cooperation. Canicross can be practiced as a leisure activity or in competition.


The canirando is an opportunity to discover magnificent landscapes in the company of your dog during a hike. It is a less sporting activity than the canicross because it is not about running with your dog but it can be the opportunity to practice this canine sport with several pairs of handler/dog. The master is connected to his dog in the same way as in canicross. A great sport that can be practiced by everyone, even the less athletic, which will give rise to great walks. For more information on these two last disciplines, I advise you to read the blog Musher experience which will give you all the tips to practice these two canine sports.

And you, which sport(s) do you practice with your dog?

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