German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog is one of the most popular and versatile dogs in the world. A great sporty dog endowed with exceptional intelligence and an unfailing instinct for protection, he performs defense and search missions for most of the world's police forces and armies, and is an excellent guide dog for the blind. Very good guard dog, he will satisfy families with sporty temperament.

Identity of the German Shepherd Dog

  • Other names: Alsatian wolfhound, Deutscher Shäferhund
  • Origin : Germany
  • Group: 1 sheepdog and 1 herding dog
  • Section : 1 sheepdogs

Physical Characteristics

Athletic and elegant, the German Shepherd Dog is a muscular and sporty dog. Of medium size (although slightly larger), longer than high, he has a dry bone structure, his back is slightly sloping. His head is wedge-shaped (wedge-shaped) and his nose is black. His eyes are almond-shaped and dark. Its ears of medium size are carried upright and its tail, drooping and bushy, reaches at least to the hock.

  • Size: from 60 to 65 cm for the male, from 55 to 60 cm for the female.
  • Weight: from 30 to 40 kg for the male, from 22 to 32 kg for the female.
  • Coat: very dense, harsh, straight and close lying.
  • Colors: black with yellow, brown or brown-red markings and sometimes light gray.

Character of the German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog is a dog of fascinating intelligence and exemplary courage, capable of analyzing each situation and reacting accordingly, making it an excellent guard dog. Calm and thoughtful, he shows unfailing loyalty to his master whom he likes to please and shows an extraordinary protective instinct to protect his family. Affectionate and patient with children, he is a great sporty dog who needs to exercise very regularly and to be intellectually stimulated to avoid boredom.


Because of their remarkable intelligence, courage and docility, the German Shepherd Dog is one of the most versatile dog breeds in the world. They have a wide range of abilities: guard dogs, police and military dogs, rubble search dogs, guide dogs for the blind, or even drug and explosive search dogs because of their pronounced sense of smell. The German Shepherd also excels in disciplines such as ring, agility, tracking and biting.

German Shepherd's Health

The German Shepherd Dog is a hardy and robust dog, although he can be a victim of food intolerances and skin diseases due to allergies. Unfortunately, the breed is excessively associated with hip dysplasia, although it is prone to it like all medium and large dogs (read more). Its average life expectancy is 13 years.

Living conditions

The German Shepherd Dog is a sporty dog who needs to let off steam very regularly. Although he appreciates wide open spaces and country life, he can live in an apartment provided he goes out several times a day for long walks and his master is available. Indeed, it is a dog that does not tolerate solitude well.

Remarks And Advice

Although they are very good watchdogs and enjoy this role of protecting the family and its territory, the German Shepherd Dog should not be confined to this single task. Like all dogs, he needs regular walks, socialization and intellectual stimulation. Even though they can live outdoors all year round, German Shepherds need to let off steam frequently and not just be content with an enclosed garden, at the risk of being unhappy and developing anxiety and depression, or even aggression due to a lack of socialization.

Finally, the German Shepherd Dog is an easy dog to train provided that you use gentle training methods based on positive reinforcement and reward. Receptive and intelligent, he only asks to learn new tricks and commands that he is proud to accomplish to please his owner.

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