Exceptional Dogs: Five Amazing Stories

Scientists have discovered unknown facets of dogs, such as the dog’s ability to feel emotions and to forge friendships with its owners, which death cannot stop. However, dogs never cease to surprise us with their courage, loyalty or devotion to certain social tasks. Below are five stories of incredible dogs.

1. Dogs That Protect Children, Such As Rex And Buli

There are dogs that are protective of children. This is the case of Esther Castaño, a great lover of animals and volunteer in adoption centers, who was six years old when a dog of the Rottweiler breed saved her life.

It was summer and Castaño’s mother was working in a cottage when her daughter, who could not swim, approached the farm’s pool to try to catch a ball that was in the water. The girl fell into the pool and started splashing and asking for help.
One of the dogs living in the cottage, a German Shepherd named Rex, started barking, drawing the attention of the other dog guarding the farm, Buli, a Rottweller.

Buli jumped into the pool and the dog dove under the girl to push her with his body to the surface of the water, until her mother arrived alerted by the barking of the other dog.

The girl saved her life because of the dog. “Without the performance of these dogs, I wouldn’t be alive, so since then I have had a passion for animals and I live surrounded by them,” explains Esther Castaño.

2. Dogs That Save Lives When The Body Fails

Another case of brave and proactive dogs is that of a pit bull named Kiowa, who saved her owner’s life by dragging her to her home phone when she suffered a stroke that left her stranded on the ground.
The person who saved her life because of her dog, Zoe Luz, a great lover of the pit bull breed, comments, “What my dog did shows that the physical strength of these animals does not make them aggressive animals”. It all depends on the treatment and education the dog receives.

3. Dogs like a hero!!, like Barry.

Fireman or rescue dogs. In the event of a disaster, they are among the anonymous four-legged heroes who save lives. This is the case of Barry, a dog abandoned by his owners, who was adopted and trained to perform rescue operations in case of disaster.

Barry even reported people being buried under the rubble. His owner, Gregorio Sánchez, explained: “My dog injured his legs digging in the rubble to find a person buried”.

Dogs that work with firefighters and other agents are other heroes who ensure the safety of citizens and become essential companions for tasks such as drug detection.

A dog trained to keep citizens safe saved the lives of two people when it jumped from the second floor of a building at gunpoint at the threat of robbers.

4. Unbelievable Dogs Who All Have Heart, Like Chas

Dogs are able to feel and show emotions such as love and loyalty. This is the case of courageous canine mothers, like a dog abandoned at the doors of the shelter of the Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants of Madrid.
This female, when she was picked up by the people in charge of the center, refused to enter because they had left her puppies in a trash bag and she did not want to abandon them to certain death.

Because of the insistence of this canine mother, her puppies were saved and three of the dogs were adopted.

5. Dogs with courage and strength

Stories of dogs with courage and strength also exist, as in the case of Piston, a dog that arrived at the SPAP shelter unable to walk and after prostrating himself for weeks, he got up one day and started walking.
Soon after, he was adopted by a family with children. “The story of this dog is the result of the effort and courage of this dog who was picked up in terrible conditions and had difficulty moving forward” explains José Luis Torres, a veterinarian who met the animal.

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